GlobalData’s food & drink pairing trends

Although food and drink pairing isn't a new concept there are some new drivers for change in this sector, mainly based around sensory experiences and consumer health concerns.

“Wine and food matching is one of the most familiar forms of food and drink pairing, however more and more consumers are seeking food and drink combinations beyond the traditional,” reports GlobalData in a new report, ‘Innovation Trends and Opportunities in Pairing Food and Drink’, in which consumer motivations for pairing food with drink are outlined, the key trends within this sector are identified and future opportunities to capitalise on these are explored for businesses in the hospitality industry.

“Consumers have shown the increasing need to explore food and drink combinations that enhance their sensory experiences beyond wine, with non-alcoholic beverages in particular offering opportunities,” states the report which adds, “Consumers are more conscious about healthy consumption and reducing guilt associated with unhealthy diet without compromising on sensory pleasure.”

It concludes that consumers seek enjoyment and unique experiences through food and drinks and that experimental pairings can capitalise on this.

Trends covered in the report include:

Beyond wine

Healthy match

Experimental combinations

Gourmet water


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