Galway Bay goes into distribution

Galway Bay Brewing Company has gone into the distribution business with its own distribution company, Pro-addition, which intends importing beers from Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the UK initially.

The new distribution company is in addition to the Galway Bay Brewing Company’s export arm which exports Galway Bay Brewery product to the UK.

Niall Walsh, one of the two co-founders of GBBC, explained that deliveries to both the on- and off-trade will mostly be by courier to begin with but he expects that to change “once we see where the business is going over the next six months”.

The distribution company has already signed-up a number of breweries including Siren Brewery in Reading and Brew By Numbers as well as Barcelonian brewery Edge.

“We hope to have beers that nobody else has access to for our own pubs and we hope to supply other pubs and off-licences with beers that are harder to get,” explained Niall.

“Pro-addition will buy product from small breweries like ourselves that are making a unique product and pushing the boat out.”

Many of the breweries that have been signed-up are highly rated – for example Edge brewery in Barcelona was rated Best Brewery of 2014 by the website.

The original idea had been to get more unique beers into GBBC’s 10 bars but with the growth in craft beer in pubs around the country, the pair saw an opportunity to supply this growing demand themselves.

“Two years ago we would have been one of the few bars stocking craft beers and now a lot of bars are taking this on so we want to continue supplying our pubs with unique beers,” said Niall who hopes to be distributing to all parts of the country within two years.


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