France to raise taxes on spirits over 40%ABV

Plans by the French government to raise the tax on drinks with an ABV of over 40 per cent have been criticised by FFS, the French Spirits Federation.

The new taxation level would mean retail prices rising by about 90 Cent per litre, providing an extra €340 million windfall for the French Treasury.

Describing the development as solely a revenue generating move, the Federation rejected government claims that the raise was justified on health grounds, commenting, “This is a stigmatising and penalising measure for the spirits sector — and an ineffective one too.

"At this time of economic crisis and state deficits, it should not be the spirits sector alone that’s called upon to make an effort," stated the FFS, "It’s quite simply discriminatory — and not for the first time."

Possible tax increases on wines and beers will be debated in the French Assembly in October.

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