France to raise sugar tax

The French government is to introduce revised sugar taxes to replace those that have been in place for the last five years.

Since 2012 all added-sugar soft drinks have been taxed at the same rate of €5.73 per hectolitre by the French government, but the new measures will raise tax on a 330ml Coca-Cola can from 46 cent to 53 cent.

French MPs recently voted in favour of the revised legislation which envisages a sliding scale depending on the amount of sugar in the drink.

For example lemon Fanta contains less sugar and so will continue to be taxed at 47 cent while Volvic flavoured water will have a reduction in sugar tax from 57 cent to 53 cent according to a just-drinks report recently.

The French MP’s vote formed part of a debate in the French parliament on the State Social Security Budget for 2018.



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