Four beers in the can for Porterhouse

Porterhouse Brew Co has launched a new 440ml can range, its first can range to be released into the market.


Can do - Porterhouse Brew Co has launched its first canned range into the craft beer market.

Can do – Porterhouse Brew Co has launched its first canned range into the craft beer market.

The canned range, comprising four brands in all, enjoys a completely different branding to its bottle range.

Renowned for its stouts in previous years Porterhouse Brew Co has had a lot of success with its Yippy IPA and its latest seasonal Double Imperial IPA of late. This has lead the brewery team to go for a core range in can in the IPA/Pale ale style.

Head Brewer Peter Mosley together with Martin Kavanagh & team have been tweaking recipes for this range on their pilot system for the past few months to release a canned range to compete at the very top of the beer market.

The four beers released in canned format are:

Renegade New England IPA 

This take on a New England IPA utilises  an extended whirlpool at lower temperature for a smooth soft finish. Unfiltered and heavily dry-hopped with Amarillo, Galaxy & Mosaic for notable flavours of Passion Fruit, Mango and Lemon with a touch of Blueberry, this NEIPA is fermented on traditional East Coast yeast.

Wrasslers XXXX 

An old fan favourite now heading into can. XXXX refers to the alcohol level and the depth of flavour in this stout. Its kettle hops drum-up a fabulous aroma, flaked barley delivering big time on texture and the darkly-roasted grain building a flavour as solid as a rock. Not for the faint-hearted.

Sundown Session IPA 

A thirst-quenching session IPA low on ABV but not lacking in flavour. Simple grist of Ale, Wheat, Oats & Crystal backed with a punch of Citra, Madarina Bavaria and Simcoe hops for a tropical fruit-bodied, slight Pine finish it’s fermented on American Ale yeast.

Rambler Juicy Pale Ale 

One for the juice-heads. Rambler pours a light Orange colour with a tight white head. Porterhouse Brewing Co has used three hop additions of El Dorado, Enigma and Eukanot at whirlpool and dry-hop. This combo contributes flavour & aromas of Orange peel, Watermelon, Citrus and white Grape for drinkability of smooth fresh juice with low carbonation.


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