Febvre introduces Cuervo Gran Centenario

The Bar Library at Febvre has introduced the Gran Centenario range of Tequilas from Mexican family-owned Jose Cuervo Tequila.

The range includes three ultra-premium Tequilas: Gran Centenario Plata, Reposado and Anejo. These will be  added to the Jose Cuervo Tequilas already in the portfolio: Especial Reposado (the top Tequila brand worldwide), Tradicional and Maestro Dobel.
Gran Centenario Plata

A silver Tequila (100% blue agave) aged between two and six months in oak and then blended with much older Añejo Tequilas, which is finally filtered through fine charcoal.  The Gran Centenario Plato claims to be one of the smoothest, subtlest and greatest silver Tequilas in the world. With pronounced flavours of grass, butter and a hint of oak from the aging, the Plata makes a wonderfully subdued Margarita straight up. It’s best enjoyed over ice.

Gran Centenario Reposado

The Reposado or ‘rested’ Gran Centenario (100% blue agave) ages for six months to a full year in oak casks and like the Plata is blended with much older Tequilas resulting in incomparably smooth sipping Tequila, states Febvre, adding, “To many, this is one of the finest Tequilas in the world, offering robust Tequila flavour and a long smooth approachable finish”.


Gran Centenario Anejo

The Anejo is made from 100% blue agave and aged 18 months in toasted oak barrels. It’s light-bodied with mild Agave toasted wood overtones. This is an absolutely top quality Anejo that can be enjoyed on its own over ice, states the company. 

The Cuervo family was granted the first licence to commercially produce Tequila from King Charles IV of Spain in 1795. Cuervo is still the largest producer of Tequilas in Mexico and the company is now managed by the 10th and 11th generations of the original family.
The Cuervo Gran Centenario range includes Mexico’s most award-winning ultra-premium Tequilas. Named in 1895 to commemorate the turn of the new century, Gran Centenario has remained family-owned and continues to be hand-crafted in small batches at Hacienda Los Camichines in the Mexican state Jalisico.
100% blue agave Tequila is harvested from succulent plants ranging from 10-12 years old so are more mature than the average six years standard. They’re also grown in the Highlands where the soil is richer. The Tequila is rested in new French Limousin oak barrels for optimum flavour and then blended with aged Tequila reserves for the most smooth and rich taste.
The iconic Gran Centenario bottles were designed to represent the blending of old and new in the Cuervo family’s Tequila. The neo-classical Angels on the labels and the bottle’s stark Art Deco lines pay tribute to Tequila’s history and modernity. 
Anthony Alken, Managing Director of Febvre & Company, commented, “Febvre, as a family-owned company, is very proud to represent Jose Cuervo whose family links with Tequila date back over two centuries. Cuervo is the number one producer of Tequila in the world.  It is a truly international brand with a collection of award-winning quality Tequilas that are internationally enjoyed”.

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