Celebrate World Whiskey Day with Irish Whiskey Cocktails

Tomorrow marks World Whiskey Day and Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey is encouraging consumers to mix it up at home by crafting their own Irish whiskey cocktail.
The Irish whiskey industry had a range of activities and promotions planned for World Whiskey Day and the days leading up to it.

The Irish whiskey industry had a range of activities and promotions planned for World Whiskey Day and the days leading up to it.

“For many decades, Irish whiskey has captured the love of cocktail drinkers worldwide as the essential ingredient in the world-famous Irish Coffee,” said William Lavelle, Head of Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey, “but now, Irish whiskey cocktails of all styles are on the rise aided by the increase in home-mixing during lockdown.

“Over recent weeks, as part of our ongoing #DiscoverIrishWhiskey campaign, we’ve been promoting Irish whiskey cocktails and encouraging home-mixologists to craft their own Irish whiskey cocktails. Online and through social media we’ve shared easy-to-make recipes for 10 of the classiest Irish whiskey cocktails and we want more people to discover the diversity of Irish whiskey.

“As we enter Summer, we expect the interest in Irish whiskey cocktails to keep growing. As bar and restaurants reopen we will be working with the Irish on-trade to promote Irish whiskey cocktails as the must-have on your bar menu for the roaring 20s. For now, we look forward to celebrating World Whiskey Day with a home-made Irish whiskey cocktail.”

The cocktail recipes featured in the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey campaign were put together and made by mixologist Mark McLaughlin.

According to Mark, “Cocktails demonstrate the versatility of Irish whiskey; its complex flavours and overall balance make it perfect for mixing.”

The Irish whiskey industry had a range of activities and promotions planned for World Whiskey Day and the days leading up to it.

Some of the events and initiatives include:

  • Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey hosting a series of events in Canada to promote Irish Whiskey brands from across the island of Ireland in partnership with the Irish Ambassador HE Eamonn McKee and the British High Commissioner HE Susan Jane le Jeune d’Allegeershecque
  • Ireland’s Embassy Network hosting an online event to promote the Depth and Diversity of Irish Whiskey across Latin America in support of the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey campaign. The webinar in English, Spanish and Portuguese will be addressed by the Irish Ambassador to Mexico HE Maeve Von Heynitz and by the Chairman of Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey John Quinn
  • Tourism Ireland promoting the message ‘It’s got to be Irish whiskey for World Whiskey Day’ in global media activity this week
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey debunking some whiskey myths with its #HoweverYouJameson social media campaign in the lead-up to World Whiskey Day. On the day itself, it will take fans behind the scenes to meet Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman to get his advice for first time whiskey drinkers
  • Dingle Distillery launched its new Single Malt Whiskey yesterday, just in time for World Whiskey Day. The new Single Malt is matured in PX Sherry (61%) and Bourbon (39%) first-fill casks comprising predominantly six to seven year-old spirit
  • The Teeling Whiskey Company will host a Facebook Live event at 5pm tomorrow to toast World Whiskey Day. Jack and Stephen Teeling will broadcast live from the Teeling Distillery in Dublin and toast a glass of one of their favourites, the Teeling Renaissance Series 3.

Irish whiskey is the second-most searched-for type of whiskey (118,070 searches) after Tennessee whiskey (249,690) on Google according to figures from The Oxford Artisan Distillery in the UK.

Using Google data (via SEMrush) the distillery found that Irish whiskey leads Tennessee whiskey when it comes to the number of countries that it’s a favourite whiskey type in: 49 countries to Tennessee’s 29.

In the UK, Irish (with 14,800 searches) takes second place to Japanese whiskey (with 18,100 searches). Scotch comers third with 14,800 searches.

The US, Irish whiskey’s largest market, recorded 49,500 searches while Germany recorded 6,600, Canada 4,400 and Ireland itself 3,600 searches.





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