Budweiser’s ‘hotter the day’ iPhone app connects ‘lost generation’ to pub

Budweiser Ice Cold is helping the on-trade connect with the ‘lost generation’ through its new Phone App campaign.

In a world first, it has put the Irish pub at the forefront of new mobile social networking technology, attracting interest and conversation from the technology-hungry, savvy 18 to 34 year-olds. As a result, Budweiser estimates the average participating pub will generate an extra €4,000 through the till over the Summer campaign. Budweiser Ice Cold is out-performing the beer market by 2.7 per cent.

The online ‘social media’ revolution has changed how consumers communicate with each other. This is particularly true for younger people who’re having the same conversations, just in a different (cyber) place.

“Pubs have found it hard to connect with this new social media generation,” explained Henry Dummer, Customer Marketing Director at Diageo Ireland, “They’ve found it hard to talk to them in a way that makes sense, leading to them being described as the ‘lost generation’ to the pub industry.”

To help counter this, Budweiser developed its unique Summer campaign which offers consumers variable price discounts on pints of Budweiser Ice Cold depending on the temperature on a given day. All the consumer has to do is sign up for the free phone App to get a voucher for a free pint downloaded to their mobile. It simply means that the hotter day the less consumers pay for a pint of Budweiser Ice Cold. By matching real Irish temperatures to the offers Irish consumers receive off their pint.

  There will be €2 off when it’s 18°C or 19°C outside and for 16°C or 17°C weather there will be €1 off at participating Index bars. Consumers can check the day’s offer via the App which will update them on the temperature in their region each day at 1pm.

The ‘the hotter the day the less you pay’ campaign utilises mobile phones and social media for the first time in a way that could change forever how brands and pubs talk to consumers. And pubs will find that the promotion is viral.

“This is where it gets clever,” explained Henry, “Each time a consumer redeems a mobile voucher in a pub, they have the option to ‘post’ the fact on their Facebook page, live from their smartphone. The average ‘Facebooker’ has 150 online friends; every friend will receive an instant message to their smartphone that reads ‘[named consumer] is enjoying a free pint of Budweiser Ice Cold in [named pub], why don’t you join me for a pint?’
“In an instant this puts the pub smack-bang in the middle of the targeted on-line social connections. It connects the virtual and real social networking worlds in a new and dynamic way.”?
This campaign, which has had a positive response from some 2,500 bars around the country so far, de-mystifies the world of Facebook and social media with a turnkey solution that requires no technology experience from the publican. It also allows publicans to reach consumers who’ve never visited their pub before.

The mobile App also boosts a pub finder to help you locate a nearby participating Index pub and other features include bar reviews and special rewards for loyal Budweiser Ice Cold drinkers.

The on-trade only campaign tackles a key issue in the on-trade – driving increased footfall with a key age cohort – and addresses the perceived value-for-money issue for the 16 weeks of the Summer.

The campaign is bieng supported by a heavyweight ATL summer campaign created by DDB UK which includes outdoor, print, radio, online, POS and TV.  The TV commercial premiered on RTE 2 during the Champions League semi-final soccer match.  Shot on location in Cape Town and directed by James Rouse, it features the Budweiser Ice Cold Index weatherman Scott Campbell on a beach location explaining the concept of Index in a fast-paced and engaging way.

It also represents the biggest advertising campaign Budweiser has ever run in Ireland in the Summer and kicked-off Summer early, inspiring people to get out of the house to enjoy the Summer pub occasion.
“Consumers recognise that a can of beer from the fridge simply can’t match the refreshment of a pint of Bud Ice Cold in their favourite pub with friends,” concluded Henry.

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