Bacardi launches Oakheart

On the eve of its 150th anniversary best-selling premium rum Bacardi has launched Bacardi Oakheart to add to its traditional and spiced varieties.

The product was launched worldwide but Ireland got hold of it one month ahead of the rest of the world when it pioneered the product at the Electric Picnic.

Bacardi Oakheart uses rum taken from the heart of charred American white oak barrels.

Bacardi Oakheart uses rum taken from the heart of charred American white oak barrels.

This expertly blended premium spirit drink contains specially selected flavours and spices and has an RRP of €22.99.

“Bacardi Oakheart has been launched to capitalise on the emerging popularity of spiced rums and rum-based drinks and delivers a product with the credentials of a brand that created modern rum in 1862,” said Tiernan O’Morain, Market Development Manager for distributors Edward Dillon & Co, at the launch in The Bernard Shaw in Dublin’s South Richmond Street, “Bacardi Oakheart was created to bring together a new generation of consumers”.

Coming from more than a century of Bacardi tradition and rum knowhow, the introduction of Oakheart is a major development for Bacardi and Oakheart is ideally positioned to earn a leadership spot in spiced spirit drinks, he added.

Bacardi Oakheart has an ABV of 35 per cent and can be taken straight or combined with cola and served over ice in a chilled stein or highball glass.

According to Tiernan, every aspect of Bacardi Oakheart was developed in collaboration with thousands of consumers and hundreds of bartenders. More than 2,700 names were considered before Oakheart was selected, a process that took more than two years.  The Oakheart name derives from the charred oak barrels used for the rum blended into Bacardi Oakheart. Consumers and bartenders associated the name with strength of character, unwavering loyalty and the kind of friend they’d like to be and have. 

Bacardi Oakheart has a dimpled, textured package with a look and feel that’s rugged, masculine and edgy, while at the same time remaining spirited and vibrant and communicating the brand’s provenance and heritage, he stated.  A badge-like label that adorns each 700ml bottle reflects the idea of adventure, fraternity and camaraderie embodied in the Oakheart man.

Bacardi Oakheart will be supported with print and out-of-home advertising, digital, experiential marketing, product sampling and public relations campaigns that embody the brand tagline, ‘Bacardi together’.  For more information, please visit facebook.com/Bacardi.

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