100 leading spirits brands – 690m case sales

The world’s top-selling spirits brand, which is also the product that added the most cases to its total volume last year, continues to be Korea’s Jinro soju which grew by 6.4% to a total of 80.9 million cases according to the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis Global Database, published recently.



Jinro sold 47 million more cases than the next-largest brand in the world, Officer’s Choice whisky, which posted 33.8m case sales last year, an increase of 5.6%.

The world’s top 100 fastest-growing spirits brands, categorised by their respective case volume growth last year, collectively grew by 11%, compared to total global category growth of 0.8% in 2018. Those 100 leading brands (across all the major spirits categories) represent 690.5 million nine-litre cases of the world’s total 3.17 billion case spirits consumption.


Fastest-growing brands

The majority of brands that top the list of fastest-growing are national or regional products including soju, baijiu and Indian whisky.

“Though we saw a decline in beer and wine consumption last year, brands in the spirits category continue to enjoy great consumer loyalty,” says IWSR Chief Executive Mark Meek, “It’s particularly interesting to see the growth of gin brands, the category which experienced the largest gain in global beverage alcohol consumption in 2018.”



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