Tackling safety in bars this Christmas

Almost 2,500 bars in Ireland have signed-up to a safety programme aimed at reducing injuries and ill-health associated with working in bar cellars according to Drinks Ireland|Beer which is highlighting the importance of bar cellar safety ahead of the busy Christmas period.


Possible hazards include impacts from falling kegs.

Possible hazards include impacts from falling kegs.

 In November 2017, 1,604 licensed premises had signed-up to the programme, increasing by 35% to 2,464 by November this year.

Since 2017 Drinks Ireland|Beer and the Health & Safety Authority have been rolling-out an initiative designed to address safety issues via an online risk assessment tool.

Operators of licensed premises can carry-out risk assessments on www.BeSMART.ie, to identify what needs to be done to reduce the risk.

Possible hazards include impacts from falling kegs, gas bottles and crates, exposure to gas when changing kegs, manual handling of kegs and crates as well as slips, trips and falls.

“It’s good to see a steady increase in the safety programme to date aimed at reducing the risks associated with working in bar cellars,” said Jonathan McDade, Head of Drinks Ireland|Beer, “It’s the first initiative of its kind in Ireland and is very easy for bar owners to participate in. We’d encourage bar owners to keep safety in mind during the busy Festive period, taking a refresh of the programme or signing-up if they have not already done so.”

HSA Inspector Kay Baxter added, “The aim of this programme is to make pubs, restaurants and hotels safer to work in. We’d urge all licensed operators to use this free online risk assessment tool to create a safer working environment.”




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