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Soft drinks come into their own in Summer. Are you offering your customers the best in soft drinks?


27% of pub-goers have enjoyed a soft drink when visiting a pub over the last six months according to a recent UK survey by the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers.

That’s good news because Britvic’s 2015 Soft Drinks Review showed soft drinks to be the fourth most-valuable drinks category in the licensed trade after beers, spirits and wine.


Consumer attitudes to soft drinks

Over half of all soft drinkers consume carbonated drinks out-of-home and 56% of them (between 35 and 54 years-of-age) believe that the range of soft drinks stocked is important when choosing where to visit according to CGA Peach’s Brand Track survey there last February.

Some 65% of those between 18 and 34 believed this while 46% of those over 55 were of the same opinion.

Similarly, But 65% of soft drinkers would like to see a better range targeted exclusively at adults; the same percentage would also like to see more healthy soft drinks. 58% of them think that the current soft drinks range is often predictable and boring.


Ballygowan – Ireland’s Clear Favourite


Ballygowan, Irelands #1 water brand, is driving growth in bottled waters, the fastest-growing soft drinks sector in the licensed market (2.5% MAT). Holding 59% of this market it’s driving category growth at 9.2% MAT.

Ireland’s original and most popular water brand’s key to success is a commitment to product quality, a strong consumer engagement plan and product innovation.

Ballygowan is bottled in a dedicated bottling facility in Newcastlewest, drawing on an exclusive source. St David’s Well was first discovered by the Knights Templar over 800 years ago and sits in the grounds of the bottling plant to this day.

A founding member of the Love Irish Food campaign championing locally-sourced goods supporting Irish jobs, Ballygowan is also official water to the Irish Open and All Ireland Champions Dublin GAA.

It offers the broadest pack offering in the water sector.

The most recent addition, Ballygowan Sparklingly Fruity, is a refreshingly different range of low calorie, low sugar water drinks in a stylish can, proving highly successful since launch and hitting the on-trade shortly.


Bottlegreen Tonic Waters

rsz_bottlegreen_175ml_tonic_water_line_upTo support its range of premium gins Barry & Fitzwilliam also represents the Bottlegreen mixers collection. Bottlegreen offers gin & tonic drinkers the perfect accompaniment to their favourite premium gin.

By enhancing and enriching the qualities in high-end spirits, Bottle Green tonic waters work in harmony to create the most refreshing and delicious drinks.

Developed to be as single-minded as possible in their make up, these mixers let the accompanying gin ‘sing’, allowing the flavour that the Master Distiller created to be enjoyed as they intended.





Counterpoint Ireland’s new soft drinks

Counterpoint Ireland’s very excited about the new brands, new experiences and market leaders it’s bringing for different on-trade occasions this Summer.

Pepsi Max has landed in the on-trade delivering a winning solution in a growing consumer market seeking ‘no sugar’ options. Bringing the success of the convenience market to the on-trade, where it enjoys over 75% of all Pepsi sales, Pepsi Max delivers the full-on taste of Cola with no sugar.

It’s also an official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League.



Cidona, Ireland’s number one apple drink, brings an exciting new mixed drink to the market this Summer with the launch of Cidona Whiskey and Lemon, a mixed drink for adults.

The natural sharpness of Cidona pairs perfectly with the triple-distilled honeyed sweetness of Irish Whiskey finished off with a fresh lemon wedge to bring it all together, enhancing those sweet Cidona notes.

Club Orange – uniquely using the entire orange in its recipe, continues to be Ireland’s number one citrus drink with over 73% market share. As a category citrus is the fastest-growing in CSDs, seeing 8.3% growth in the last 12 weeks.



Counterpoint’s ultimate G&Ts for Summer

Everybody in the licensed trade is talking about ‘the Gin & Tonic Revolution’ and great new premium mixers. Counterpoint Ireland’s mixers were there at the beginning.

Club was the first brand to produce Ginger Ale and Club Soda in the 1800s.

However it’s time to provide Counterpoint’s customers with the ultimate Super-Premium Gin & Tonic offering in launching the deluxe Gins of the World Collection – gins that in the last year have achieved some of the most highly sought-after gin awards at gin festivals and competitions globally.

Ireland’s most-awarded gin, Shortcross Gin, made by Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong in County Down, includes wild clover, elderflowers, elderberries and home-grown apples from their locality and distilled in their own copper pot still – truly a deluxe Irish offering.

Siegfried Rheinland Gin was the gold winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Made in small batches this classic dry gin with the unique twist using the linden blossom, is a honey-tasting botanical that plays a big role in Rheinland folklore.

GinRaw from Barcelona was conceived as the gastronomic gin created by a world-renowned chef, perfumer, mixologist and sommelier. Using Michelin Star Chef Techniques this gin is truly innovative in its hand-made production.

Breil Pur from Switzerland distils mostly from organic ingredients including wild junipers from the Alps. It brings finesse and luxury to another level where drinking neat is a pleasure. The famous large lemons of the Algarve and the Rock Rose are used by Stephen Garbe to make his dream come to fruition. Breil Pur is a citrus dance of the senses making one of the most refreshing G&Ts.

Finally the Cognac region of France is home to Citadelle Gin. Made in Cognac stills to the recipe of a 200 year-old Genever spirit this gin provides velvety texture to meet all the needs of the spice adorer.

All these gins are for the luxury market, best served with a super-premium tonic like Thomas Henry. Mixologists across the world are toasting the quality and variation of the Thomas Henry range of mixers. Thomas Henry Tonic, Elderflower Tonic and Cherry Blossom Tonic are opening up the door to a gin and tonic experience of the highest quality.














Drive your profits this Summer with Coca-Cola Hellenic’s on trade portfolio

Listing the new large 330ml bottle from Coca-Cola can drive revenue and profit at lunchtime. Launched in 2015 following extensive research, the new pack is preferred by eight in 10 consumers for ‘with food’ occasions. To offer health-conscious consumers choice and to highlight the low and no calorie options offered by Coca-Cola, Cola Zero heroes the range which contains zero sugar and calories. The pack range provides the opportunity to triple sales at lunchtime versus the 200ml range, which is ideal for mixing.


With the Summer months offering longer evenings and more opportunities for consumers to be out enjoying themselves, sales within the mixed drinks categories rise. This is an ideal time to drive flavours to offer refreshment. The Coca-Cola 200ml range – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Fanta Lemon, Sprite and Sprite Zero – is perfect for the mixing occasion. The great, fruity taste of Fanta is enjoyed more than 130 million times each day around the world.


Invented by Jacob Schweppes in 1783, Schweppes provides the perfect balance of bubbles and flavour, delivering the sharp, bitter taste whrsz_schweppes_125ml_tonicich styles its legendary tonic.


Schweppes has consistently produced classic beverages with Soda Water in the 18th Century, Tonic Water in the 19th Century and Bitter Lemon in the 20th Century. The brand is perfect in the present, because of its past.


2016 sees the launch of a new tighter, sleeker and more refined brand identity for Schweppes. It will feature across the entire 125ml Schweppes range and includes a fresh, new bottle and black label.

July sees the launch of the new 200ml Schweppes range, the quintessential mixer for publicans and discerning tonic drinkers.



Monster Energy 355ml has a new pack size and line-up exclusive to the on-trade. The energy drinks category has been lacking in innovation and it’s important that we develop new drinks for publicans and consumers alike.

Historically, both publicans and consumers have been told that energy drinks are only available in one size and taste a certain way, with one variant. Alongside Monster Energy Export 355ml (which offers traditional energy taste) CCHB will launch Monster Ultra, a lighter-tasting zero calorie/zero sugar product with a delicious citrus taste to redefine how energy can be mixed in the on-trade. This innovative development will appeal to a wide range of consumers, well beyond the core energy drinker.rsz_355ml_export_highres rsz_355ml_ultra_highres

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