Some surprises in our Amárach survey

For nearly half of those questioned in our survey feel they’ll be going to the pub less often this year. On the other hand, those visiting the pub more often combined with those who’ll be going to the pub just as often as they ever did comes out at 41%. So there’s work to be done in ensuring that pubs add to the 41% figure by successfully subtracting from the 44% figure.

As can also be seen from our 1&1 interview with Amárach Consulting’s Gerard O’Neill (where he both presents the findings and comments on them from his own experience of researching for the drinks industry), there’s a surprising degree of support among the public for the sponsorship of sport by alcohol companies.

At 46%, those in favour of drinks companies continuing to sponsor sport is double the numbers of those against it.

This finds resonance with our industry representatives speaking in our Discussion Forum on page 20 this month who offer their alternative vision to that of Government’s on curbing alcohol misuse.

Our interview with Gerard uncovers some surprises too. Visiting the pub is far from the top priority for consumers on any given weekend and thought is undoubtedly going to have to be given over to how publicans can raise visiting the pub up the rankings.
One means of doing this is by putting more thought into  ‘entertainment’.

But perhaps the most startling statistic of all from our survey is that when asked, “If the price of alcohol rose in supermarkets significantly do you think you would go to the pub more or less often?” nearly seven in 10 say that it would make no difference to their pub-visiting frequency.

Notably, it would lead to a decrease in visits by two in 10 and an increase by only one in 10.

This peculiar finding seems to go against the grain of thought on the matter, completely at odds with the accepted thinking on this and – as we always hope to do in Drinks Industry Ireland – should provide food for thought – and discussion – for some time to come.

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