Russia bans all alcohol advertising

Russia introduced its controversial new alcohol legislation at the beginning of the year by adding print to the list of outlawed alcohol advertising media following the banning of alcohol advertising last year on TV, radio and internet as well as on public transport and on bilboards.

The new legislation which came into force on January 1st also restricts retail sales of beer to “stationary outlets” thus banning beer sales from kiosks, pavilions and open-air markets, for example.

Consumption of alcohol in public places has also been banned under the new legislation and sales of alcohol are prohibited between 11pm and 8am.

Furthermore, a new minimum price for vodka is also expected to be introduced shortly by the Russian government which is likely to put a minimum price of 179 Roubles or $5,56 on 500ml of vodka.

These moves are in addition to Russia’s own duty escalator on all alcoholic drinks which is set to run until 2014.



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