Pub visits down 50% since ‘95

As an activity ‘visiting the pub’ has fallen by 50% since 1995 according to recently-released research from Behaviour & Attitudes which celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a new survey of consumers to compare then and now.

Today, only 26% of consumers respond positively to visiting the pub, bar or lounge for a drink as a weekly trend.

Of these, males outnumber females by over two-to-one with 36% of males doing so compared to 16% of females.

In 2015 16% of the survey sample visits the pub once a fortnight, 21% do so once a month and 25% do so less than every six months while 13% of respondents never do so.

The B&A survey also breaks the pub-visiting ‘once-a-weekers’ down by age. Those aged 16 to 24 comprise some 26% of the segment, those aged 35 to 54 comprise 25% and those over 55 years-of-age comprise 27%.

25% of weekly pub visitors are in the ABC1F socio-economic while 27% are in the C2DE segment.

Dublin dominated the once-a-weekers on 29% while Munster came next with 28%. Connacht/Ulster came next on 26% and ‘Ex-Dublin’ next on 25%.

Broadly speaking this divided up in to Urban (28%) and Rural (23%).

Over one in five (21%) of those visiting the pub once a week had children at home while nearly one in three or 29% did not.



Those attending nightclubs have fallen by 75% over the last 20 years, from 12% to just 3%.

Those visiting nightclubs once a week or once a fortnight comprise 3% of the survey while those doing so once a month comprise 6% and those doing so once every three months 9%.

7% visit a nightclub once every six months and 23% visit less than every six months while 48% never visit a nightclub.

The survey also profiles those visiting nightclubs once a week to find that male nightclubbers comprise 5% of the overall sample while 2% of nightclubbers are female.

Those aged from 16 to 34 who attend nightclubs weekly comprise 6% of this segment while those between 35 and 54 comprise 3%. Not surprisingly no one attends nightclubs in the over-55 category.

Those in the socio-economic ABC1F segment who go to nightclubs weekly comprise just 2% of the sample while 5% of those in the C2DE do so.

In terms of region, Munster and Connacht/Ulster are the highest for attending nightclubs once a week on 6%, ex-Dublin scores 4% and Dublin just 1%. Across RoI the figure is 2%.

Broadly speaking those visitors in the sample attending nightclubs weekly from an Urban background comprise 3% while 4% are Rural and just 4% of the sample have children at home as opposed to 3% having no children at home.




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