Poitín’s potential as cocktail ingredient key to success

Poitín continues to build into a mainstream drinks category according to the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland which has welcomed the opening of Dublin’s newest cocktail bar, ‘Bar 1661’, situated at 1-5 Green St, off Dublin’s Capel Street.


The bar places an emphasis on Irish spirits, particularly Poitín and opened on Good Friday.

“Bar 1661 aims to lead Ireland’s premier cocktail community” said Bar 1661 Founder Dave Mulligan who also created the Bán Poitín brand,“putting Dublin firmly on the map of the global cocktail scene as purveyors of contemporary Irish drinks experiences. By promoting uniquely Irish statements of origin it pays homage to all of Ireland’s native drinks, especially Poitín.”

Poitin was illegal in Ireland from 1661 until 1997. Since then it has also been granted Geographical Indicative status by the EU which means that, like Irish Whiskey and Irish Cream Liqueur, it’s protected at an EU level in a similar manner to Champagne in France or Parma ham in Italy.

“The launch of Bar 1661, first as a pop-up and now as a permanent venue, is a positive development showcasing not only Poitín but other great home-grown spirits,” said Vincent McGovern, the new Head of the Irish Spirits Association, “Poitín forms an important part of Ireland’s rich heritage of sprit-making and is a category we want people to reconnect with. It has a unique taste profile and is a perfect component for cocktail-making as Dave and Bar 1661 will show.

“We’ve also seen increasing evidence that Poitín is becoming more popular among mixologists as a cocktail component internationally in London, Paris and other cities.

“As an industry, we’re committed to preserving the Poitín category and growing it into the future.”






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