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Park your problems at the pub

Pub car parks have become valuable commodities for some publicans but are some motorists taking the Michael?

Pub car parks have become valuable commodities for some publicans. As a result they’ve had to balance the need to charge those who park there as a convenience and with no intention of giving the licensee their custom alongside providing a service to the local community who do patronise the premises at other times.

But we feel that some motorists are taking the Michael.

Publican John Brady tells Closing Time that one car remained in his pub car park at Brady’s of Shankill, South County Dublin, for three weeks while the motorist in question sunned himself in a foreign clime.

Another neighbour confessed to John that his own driveway only had room for two cars and as his family now had three cars, he’d kept family tensions to a minimum by simply using the pub car park to ‘house’ the third vehicle.

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