One way or another: Coca-Cola extends iconic ‘Red’ to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar packs 

Coca-Cola has revealed a new design for the Coca-Cola range featuring new-look packaging for Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola zero sugar which unify both variants with the iconic Coca-Cola red.

This forms part of the company’s commercial strategy to encourage more people to try Coca-Cola zero sugar.

The on-trade 330ml and 200ml glass bottles of both variants now feature the iconic Coca-Cola red with a coloured band across the top of the bottle or can to denote whether it’s the original taste or zero sugar. The bottles also feature coloured caps to help consumers differentiate between the original recipe and no sugar variants.

The packaging changes build on Coca-Cola’s zero sugar launch in 2016, when it was given a new recipe and look. It has since become the fastest-growing cola across the island of Ireland in the grocery channel and now represents a significant opportunity for the on-trade to drive incremental growth.

As part of the changes Coca-Cola Classic is now be referred to on packs as Coca-Cola original taste to make clearer it is the original unchanged recipe from 1886. A significant marketing campaign featuring a new TV advert called ‘One way or another’ has also launched to raise awareness of the changes.

“These latest changes are a key part of our strategy to encourage more people to try Coca-Cola zero sugar by making it even clearer that you’ll still get the great taste of Coca-Cola but without the sugar,” said Jon Woods, Coca-Cola UK & Ireland General Manager, “In the last year we have achieved 11 million more transactions for Coca-Cola zero sugar and with this new approach, we believe we’ll accelerate that growth even further.”


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