New packaging for Ahascragh Distillery’s whiskeys

Irish artist, David Rooney has designed new packaging for Ahascragh Distillery's Family Bond whiskeys, UAIS and Clan Colla Irish Whiskey.
The new packaging for Ahascragh Distillery’s Clan Colla Irish Whiskey

The new packaging for Ahascragh Distillery’s Clan Colla Irish Whiskey


In a unique collaboration with Irish artist, David Rooney, Ahascragh Distillery has introduced new packaging for their Family Bond whiskeys, UAIS and Clan Colla Irish Whiskey which retells the story of The Three Collas. Rooney has over thirty years’ experience as an artist and illustrator, focusing, most recently, on cultural and historical projects including 100 illustrations for BBC’s documentary series ‘The Story of Ireland’.

Family Bond Series

In 2021, Ahascragh Distillers launched the Family Bond series of hand-selected releases including Clan Colla Irish Whiskey and UAIS Irish Whiskey.

Clan Colla Irish Whiskey is a celebration of Gareth and Michelle McAllister’s descendants. The collection now comprises a variety of aged Irish Whiskey releases and continues to experiment with finishing casks including Pedro Ximénez, Amarone, Oloroso, Peated and most recently, Panamanian Rum.

UAIS Irish Whiskey honours Caireall Colla Uais. Against tradition, Uais overthrew the sitting monarch and ruled as High King of Ireland. UAIS is a triple blend of Single Malt, Single Pot Still and Single Grain. It honours the past but moves in bold new directions, presenting opportunities for new ideas, new flavours and new traditions.

A host of common Irish surnames originated from the Clan Colla including McDonald, Connolly, Carroll, Kelly, Larkin and so many more. Information about Clan Colla is easily accessed online. Ahascragh Distillers encourage people to find out if they are also part of the Clan.

Ahascragh Distillery’s new packaging and labels were designed by Conor Smyth of Backbar studios in collaboration with Rooney.

For further info visit ahascraghdistillery.com | clancollawhiskey.com | uaiswhiskey.com

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