New brand positioning for Bulmers, “It’s Our Time”

The iconic Irish cider brand launches its new creative platform with a robust campaign across TV, OOH, audio, social and activation marking a bold new direction for the brand

The Bulmers “It’s Our Time” creative platform represents a significant new brand positioning that will guide Bulmers over the next three to five years, reaffirming its status as a category leader. The strategic positioning celebrates the essence of time well spent with friends and the joy within those irreplaceable moments. The ambition is to highlight the full spectrum of interactions that make friendships so special, from the epic stories retold over and over to the quiet times spent in good company.

Research from a recent EU survey stated loneliness is most prevalent in Ireland with over 20% of respondents reporting feeling lonely. The Bulmers creative aims to resonate deeply with consumers, reminding them of the importance of savouring time with their full-flow friends – those with whom every moment feels significant, no matter how ordinary. ‘It’s Our Time’ underscores the idea that the best friendships are those where even doing nothing together can mean absolutely everything, capturing the magic of being fully present and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Speaking about the new brand campaign, Karl Donnelly, marketing director at Bulmers Ireland, said:

“As one of Ireland’s most iconic drinks brands, we are delighted to launch this new creative direction for Bulmers nationwide. Bulmers has produced many great marketing moments over the years, and we are sure this new campaign will become a firm favourite with consumers.”

The first TV and out-of-home, shot on location across Ireland, will be part of an extensive rollout over the summer months and beyond. The TV celebrates real friendships, telling the kind of stories that have been shared a thousand times, on countless great nights. Told in a meandering integrally Irish way, it demonstrates the kind of stories we tell and the kind of friendships that get better and better over time.

“We are proud that Bulmers forms part of many people’s social moments at key times in their lives. The Irish are known to tell a great story while enjoying good company and craic with a pint. Our new campaign celebrates those moments with friends and family when you’re fully yourself, basking in that time without thinking about the pressures of everyday life,” said Karl.

The key visual and OOH portrays the iconic Bulmers pint bottle as just that, an icon – so easily recognised that the full bottle doesn’t need to be featured at all. The golden spotlight  shines on a moment of genuine friendship, representing the liquid instead.

Developed by Dublin-based agency Boys and Girls, the ‘It’s Our Time’ creative platform is a long-term brand positioning initiative. This first execution of the ‘It’s Our Time’ creative platform re-establishes Bulmers as the iconic category leader it truly is. The goal is to bring Bulmers back to where it should be – at the forefront of the cider market, celebrated and cherished by consumers everywhere. Right now, ‘It’s Our Time’ ensures that Bulmers remains a beloved Irish icon in the hearts and minds of Irish consumers.

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