Muldoon by Blackwater Irish Spirits

Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur, by Blackwater Irish Spirits, Waterford, is quietly gaining an indigenous fan base, states the company.

Although a liqueur, Muldoon is based on an old local recipe and made from quality Irish whiskey infused with traditional Irish flavours of toffee and hazelnut yet it’s still thin and ‘whiskey-like’ on the tongue with a warm but very smooth aftertaste.

It was described recently as “bottled luxury” in one Dublin bar while another suggested it was a “Crunchie in a glass!”.

Muldoon is also versatile with all the benefits of a cream liqueur but without any dairy (so no fat content). At 25% proof it can be enjoyed by itself, in a cocktail, as a hot whiskey or a Muldoon coffee.

Chefs have embraced it too and the results, both sweet and savoury, are making it popular in kitchens.

A Four Star Hotel in Waterford City offers it with porridge and it’s understood that Muldoon has now eclipsed all the other free-pour alcohol choices on the breakfast buffet.

With its sweet warming notes there’s no doubt that Muldoon comes into its own in the Autumn-Winter months. It’s still only available in selected bars and off-licences but with the recent positive feedback there’s no doubt that Muldoon will be a keeper in bars across the land.

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