Lucozade launches Pub-Sized Lucozade Orange

Lucozade has extended it’s on-trade energy drink range with the addition of Pub-size Lucozade Energy Orange in a glass bottle.

In launching Lucozade Orange nationwide the brand (which – along with Ribena – was recently bought from GlaxoSmithKline by the Suntory Beverage & Food for €1.6 billion) wants to re-engage with the on-trade channel and has identified a gap in the pub market for an orange-flavoured energy drink.

Lucozade Orange is being supported through launch offers, Point Of Sale and some in-pub promotions.

“Lucozade Energy Orange 380ml is worth more in value and unit sales than both Club Orange and Fanta Orange,” claims the company, adding, “Lucozade Orange outsells Fanta Orange by over two to one in unit sales while orange is also the second most popular flavour in the Carbonated Sports & Energy category with 10.3% value share.”

Q&A’s with Luczade’s Out of Home Commercial Executive Claire Chadwick
1. How did you identify a gap in the on-trade channel for an orange-flavoured Energy Drink?

Surprisingly, there’s none available in pubs. After analyzing retail data we saw how well Lucozade Orange was performing and how the flavour was in growth – we saw this as an opportunity to maximise growth  by making the product available in another channel where we currently have great presence with Lucozade Original.
Since Lucozade Energy Orange 380ml is Ireland’s Number One flavoured orange impulse drink, it seemed only natural to make this available in the on-trade.

2. How does the Lucozade brand measure up in the on-trade market?

Lucozade Original has been available in pubs for 20 to 30 years and currently we have a 97% distribution rate. With the launch of Orange in the on-trade we’re bringing two of the top soft drinks to consumers, offering choice.

3. There’s strong competition in the Orange CD market, what can you tell us about Lucozade Orange in this respect?

Lucozade Energy is the No 2 impulse soft drink brand in Ireland. It’s an Energy Drink unlike your standard carbonated drinks – it offers something different.  The refreshing nature of this product is what makes it so appealing. It’s the perfect thirst-quencher, hitting the refreshment cue perfectly.

4. How do you envisage Lucozade Orange as an extension to your core brand in the on-trade?

Lucozade Energy Original has been a favorite in the on-trade for some time. It seemed right to add to this great momentum and offer consumers in the on-trade another flavour from our range. Given that Lucozade Energy Orange is the Number One orange-flavoured one-shot carbonated drink, it’s the perfect product line extension to our range.  I’d envisage that the launch of Orange will give us greater brand presence and awareness in the on-trade.

5. Now part of the Suntory Group, what plans have you to promote your products in the on-trade this Summer?

Now that we’re part of the Suntory Group, the world’s third-largest soft drinks and spirits maker, we plan to re-engage with this channel through our Orange NPD, our supporting POS and consumer engagement. This Summer we’ve a lot of very exciting plans to engage with our target audience – watch this space!

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