Let your customers choose the music

Up until now any venue that wanted to have music that really satisfied their customers had to deal with a promoter or attempt it themselves. More often than not it involved a constant circle of changing promoters, bands or DJs.

“Every venue plays music that they think their customers want to hear,” explains Eoin Long of LKM music & media, “That’s why they spend so much money and time on it through promoters, bands or DJs. But what if they had the ability to allow the customers themselves to choose the music that came on next? What if the customers could even see what is being played in the venue without even being there?

“What if customers could choose from hundreds of songs that were part of carefully-selected playlists that match the specific venue and customer profile?”

In response, LKM is launching an innovative new free app – the ‘Secret DJ’ – offering customers the opportunity to interact with the venue’s choice of music.

Th new app syncs the customer’s phone to the venue’s music system and allows them to select from hundreds of songs in a playlist which can be tailored for daytime or evening as well as different nights of the week, says Eoin.

It also connects the venue with the customers’ social media and informs them of promotions and offers.

“It is the customers that drive any business. They should be able to create their own atmosphere and nothing will allow that better than giving customers the option to select the music they will hear in your venue, whether it’s a pub, lounge, club, restaurant or hotel.

“The future of music in venues is allowing the customers to choose what they want to hear – not them being told what to hear,” he claims, “There will always be a need for top quality bands and DJs because they are the ones who can ultimately fill a venue on any given night, but it can’t be done every night”.

So customers can be in control on any given night and then the proprietor can choose the live acts or DJs he wishes to book based on what the customers are picking, he adds.

The app also allows customers to download then and there what’s playing from iTunes.
For more information on LKM goto  http://lkm.ie/ and for ‘Secret DJ‘ goto  http://lkm.ie/revolution-systems/secret-dj.129.html.


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