Indie Beer Week 23 June to 2 July

Craft breweries across the country are opening their doors and inviting their local communities to join them for Indie Beer Week, a celebration of Irish beer-making.

Indie Beer Week runs from June 23rd to July 2nd and the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland have come up with the campaign as a way to make some noise about the Irish craft beer scene.

“This is the beauty of the independent craft beer movement,” says current ICBI Chairman Kevin O’Hara, “It’s brought beer-making back into local communities. As a group, we wanted to create an event celebrating the links between the breweries and their communities.

“This is what Indie Beer Week is all about – the simple pleasure of enjoying a well-made local beer with your friends and neighbours.”

The calendar of events across the country planned for the week is diverse with brewery open days and tours, beer tastings and talks, music, charity fundraisers and scavenger hunts.

Amongst the aims of Indie Beer Week is the creation of awareness of individual breweries in their respective localities and the opportunity to highlight the tourism aspect of local breweries.

The 26 craft brewers will also work closely with other local food producers, craftspeople, musicians and artists to showcase the independent spirit of their region.

The craft beer market has got a lot tougher with larger breweries buying up some ‘small’ breweries to make the most of the craft beer movement at consumer level.

The initiative is co-funded by the participating breweries and the Local Enterprise Office. For a full calendar of events, please go to


Facebook: @indiebeerweek
Twitter: @indiebeerweek
Instagram: @indiebeerweek



List of Participating Breweries

12 Acres Brewing, Co Laois

Black Donkey Brewing, Co Roscommon

Blacks Brewery, Co Cork

Carlow Brewing, Co Carlow

Carrig Brewing, Co Leitrim

Dungarvan Brewing, Co Waterford

Eight Degrees Brewing, Co Cork

Galway Hooker Brewery, Co Galway

Independent Brewing, Co Galway

Jack Codys, Co Louth

Jack Smyth Brewing, Co Dublin

Killarney Brewing, Co Kerry

Kinnegar Brewing, Co Donegal

Lough Gill Brewery, Co Sligo

Metalman Brewing, Co Waterford

O’Brother Brewing, Co Wicklow

Porterhouse Brewing, Co Dublin

Rascals Brewing, Co Dublin

Reel Deel Brewery, Co Mayo

Rising Sons, Co Cork

St Mels Brewing, Co Longford

The White Hag, Co Sligo

Trouble Brewing, Co Kildare

West Kerry Brewery, Co Kerry

White Gypsy Brewing, Co Tipperary

Wicklow Wolf Brewing, Co Wicklow


The ‘localisation’ of craft beer is now a major trend in the US and this is something ICBI really wants to drive home here in Ireland as well.




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