In our Summer issue…..

In our Summer 2021 issue we look at reopening the pub - what will be expected of the vintner when pubs reopen?

And once opened, will it be so very different to what went before? We speak to experts on what to expect from consumers on reopening and we look to suppliers and what they can offer.

We also interview the new Chairman of the Licensed Vintners Association Noel Anderson about where the Dublin trade finds itself, what needs to be concentrated on for the best chance of recovery and we get advice from the experts on what MUP means in off-trade price considerations.


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The deadline for this edition is May the 28th.


Features for the Summer issue:

Summer Drinks

The population, once at large again, will not need much encouragement to make use of the hospitality out there this Summer. But what are they likely to seek by way of a Summer drinks preference after such a long time without the services of the on-trade?

Just about anything, one would imagine.

We take a look at what’s likely to be popular in this year’s Summer drinks market.


Soft Drinks & Mixers

The pandemic has made people increasingly health-conscious. Witness the rise in consciousness around soft drinks (and NoLos) as an alternative to alcohol. And the ongoing demand for premium soft drinks must also form part of your stocking considerations as the trade looks to open up over the Summer months.


Gin-based cocktails

At a time like this the margins generated from cocktails should not be dismissed lightly and those generated from gin-cocktails are even more significant as gin continues along its own particular popularity road. The months spent at home under Lockdown has done gin no harm as housebound consumers took to experimenting with cocktails. We take a look at what can be done in the field of gin-based cocktails in the on-trade.


PPE for the pub

It’s all very well the government reviewing the easing of restrictions on pubs for mid-Summer but to what extent will these restrictions be relaxed when pubs get to open again and what Covid-19 procedures are likely to have to be in place to comply with safety precautions for customers? What more can the discerning publican do to put his customers at ease? Drinks Industry Ireland looks at what’s out there for publicans concerned about reopening their pubs to the highest-possible Covid-19 safety standards.



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