Heineken can goes for ‘male’ appeal

Heineken nv has redesigned its cans to appeal to contemporary, city-dwelling men.

This follows the redesign of the Heineken bottle last year.

The Dutch brewer has undertaken a re-design of its iconic beer can – the first such redesign in five years – to soften the brand’s trademark green colour and highlight its aluminium colour.

The new more ‘masculine’ ‘Star Can’ design is already available in travel retail throughout Western Europe and it’s being rolled out to 170 countries ahead of and during the Summer season.

“Bar aluminium looks fresh and thirst-quenching when you take the can out of the fridge,” explained Heineken’s Manager of Global Design and Concept Mark van Iterson, “The red star is one of Heineken’s most important visual symbols and has always been part of the brand identity. We’ve made it larger and more visible so it really stands out to consumers.”

Canned beers have re-assumed increasing significance to beer sales as craft breweries and big suppliers alike have taken steps to improve their can packaging qualities – and in turn the perceived taste of their products – for the more discerning beer drinker.

Mark van Iterson added, “When it comes to packaging, the design is also the most tangible point of contact between a brand and consumers – they can literally feel it”.


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