Guinness Storehouse launches ‘Fourth Floor’ to experience ‘Guinness Global’

Guinness Storehouse, Ireland’s top international visitor attraction with one in every two holidaymakers to Dublin paying it a visit, has launched the first phase of a €10 million investment with the launch of the ‘Guinness Global’ Fourth Floor.

And there was a full Fourth Floor last night to witness it all for themselves as the new feature was introduced to invited guests. The Fourth Floor – of the seven storey attraction – now houses a range of interactive exhibits to help tell the story of how Guinness is enjoyed and celebrated around the world.

Guinness aficionados now have the chance to pull their own pint, learn about the global reach of the iconic brand, taste for themselves the four Guinness variants and appreciate the work being done on behalf of the community through the Arthur Guinness Fund.

These ‘Guinness Global’ experiences are all facilitated through the Guinness Academy, the Guinness Community Map, the Guinness Variants Exhibition, the Guinness Connoisseur Bar, the Arthur Guinness Fund Exhibition and a Guinness Infographic Wall. 

A total of €2.5 million was invested in the Fourth Floor developments.

Paul Carty, Managing Director of the Guinness Storehouse which is also the third most popular fee-paying branded attraction in the world, commented, “We’re delighted to officially unveil our exciting and innovative new Fourth Floor which has created a new benchmark for physical and digital experiences at the home of Guinness. The developments at the Guinness Storehouse over the next three years will allow us ‘future-proof’ the building to accommodate our growing visitor numbers while also enhancing the overall experience”.

Fans of Guinness and its variants are in for a treat as the Guinness Connoisseur Bar opens its doors. The hidden bar offers beer aficionados a special, premium snug experience to appreciate and enjoy Guinness’s four main variants: Guinness Draft, Guinness Original, Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Black Lager (launched earlier this year). Led by Guinness experts, visitors will enjoy guided tasting sessions in the luxurious leather-clad hideaway.

and receive a signed certificate in recognition of their achievement. Post graduation from the Guinness Academy, ‘graduates’ can have their picture taken behind the bar with their perfect pint and certificate in hand and share their photo on their facebook page via interactive kiosks. 

In a touch of social media marketing cleverness, the Guinness Community Map installation features one of the world’s largest high-resolution interactive screens displaying the global view of Guinness around the world. With dedicated pods to post messages from the Storehouse, the Guinness Community Map champions Guinness fans all over the world and allows visitors to the Storehouse to leave their message on the map and link in with their local Guinness facebook Community.

The global nature of the Guinness story is brought to life through the Guinness Infographic Wall and Variants exhibition where visitors can learn about the legacy of the Guinness variants enjoyed around the world and how, from humble beginnings, Guinness grew it’s footprint across the globe reaching 150 countries worldwide.

The legacy of Arthur Guinness continues with an area dedicated to the Arthur Guinness Fund, a philanthropic fund created as part of the 250th anniversary of the Guinness Brewery in 2009 and active in 10 countries around the globe, supporting social entrepreneurs that strive to make a difference to their communities and their countries.

Investment continues this year with plans to develop a new Guinness Taste experience, a new-look Guinness Retail Store and a ground-breaking digital installation to tell the Arthur Guinness story.  These will be unveiled before Summer 2013.
For further information on the Guinness Storehouse, “the world’s most popular brewery experience”, log onto, or follow @homeofguinness on Twitter.


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