Fake Irish whiskey – trebling in complaints

The EU officially announced recently that Irish Whiskey’s Geographical Indication status has been approved.

This GI should cut down on the number of fake ‘Irish whiskeys’ being sold in a number of countries around the globe.

Under a 2008 EU Spirit Regulation, EU Member States were required to submit to the European Commission no later than 20th February 2015 a comprehensive technical file for each GI registered.

These technical files outline the production methods, ingredients and links with the geographical area in question.

The Irish whiskey industry worked with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to submit the Irish Whiskey technical file in 2014. This defined the distinctive types of Irish whiskey, Malt Irish Whiskey, Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Grain Irish Whiskey and Blended Irish Whiskey for the first time and set out their unique production methods.

“This is a momentous achievement for the Irish whiskey industry and ensures that the traditions and high standards of the Irish whiskey category will be protected in the EU and globally in markets with which the EU has a trade agreement,” stated Carleen Madigan, the Irish Whiskey Association’s Legal Advisor, “As sales of Irish whiskey continue to boom globally, we’ve seen a trebling in the complaints to the Association regarding fake Irish whiskey around the world.

“The Geographic Indication provides the strongest possible protection against these infringements and gives us the basis for enforcement action against misleading products.”

The recent announcement also confirms GI protection for Irish Cream (Liqueur) and Irish Poitín.



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