Europe’s brewers fulfilling pledge

Brewers of Europe’s second annual report on the European Beer Pledge shows Europe’s brewers keeping to their promise to promote the responsible consumption of beer, increase consumer knowledge and strengthen responsible beer advertising.

The European Beer Pledge is a voluntary initiative by Europe’s brewers to support EU Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm. Brewers made a commitment in the European Parliament and to the EU’s Alcohol and Health Forum to take concerted and measurable action to improve consumer information, ensure responsible advertising and address alcohol misuse in line with the expectations of citizens and EU policymakers.

Focusing on the new activities carried out between March 2013 and May 2014, this second interim report presents a snapshot of initiatives by brewers across Europe, through associations, by companies and in broad coalitions, in line with and contributing to the implementation of the European Beer Pledge.

The reporting period saw the brewing sector stepping up its activities, numerically, geographically and in scope, with local partners including governments, driving schools, local authorities, doctors’ groups, consumer organisations, NGOs and police authorities. At EU-level The Brewers of Europe also continued its partnership with the EU-wide road safety NGO, the European Transport Safety Council.

The Brewers of Europe is looking to further build on its activities in 2015 and beyond, ensuring that marketing self-regulation mechanisms remain equipped to deal with new media will also be a key priority.

The report can be downloaded here.


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