Ely Wine Bar marks 25 years with launch of Summer Wine Series

Ely’s wine series will see special guests like Marco Ricasoli of Rocca di Montegrossi from Chianti and themed events from May to August

Pictured: Aoife Carrigy of The Irish Independent
and Ian Brosnan of Ely (Photo by Marc O Sullivan)

Dublin’s Ely Wine Bar, renowned for its exceptional wine and dining experiences, is raising a glass to 25 years of success. Nestled at Ely Place near St Stephen’s Green, Ely has become a cornerstone of Irish hospitality, earning accolades both locally and internationally.

To celebrate the occasion, Ely Wine Bar hosted a celebratory event called “Beyond the Bottle” in Ely Place, with special guest Mireia Pujol-Busquets Guillén from Alta Alella Winery, launching Ely’s new Summer Wine Series and seasonal menu. Mireia curated a selection of wines from Alta Alella, including their Cavas and Pet-Nats, complemented by a thoughtfully crafted menu of small plates by Ely’s Head Chef, Luca Rocco. 

Ely’s new Summer Wine Series promises special guests like Marco Ricasoli of Rocca di Montegrossi from Chianti and an array of themed events from May to August, including ‘Rosé All Day,’ ‘Outstanding Whites,’ and ‘Volcanic Vineyards.’ Guests can anticipate an immersive experience, exploring a diverse range of wines in a casual and welcoming atmosphere. 

Ely has cultivated strong relationships with suppliers, stocking wines from organic farmers and family businesses and the dedication of its passionate staff has been instrumental in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that keeps guests coming back time and again.

As part of the Ely family, its Maynooth location has also reached a significant milestone. Located on the main street beside the Carton Avenue walk to Carton House Estate, this wine shop doubles as a wine bar and café with an intimate dining room upstairs where breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch are served. You can buy any of the 400 wines to enjoy there or bring home. This year, Ely Maynooth celebrates its 5th anniversary, marking another milestone.

Erik Robson, founder, Ely Wine Bar, said: “It’s challenging, and in truth, it’s always been challenging but also rewarding. Hospitality is about bringing a team together to create a space and offering that the customer enjoys and appreciates. It’s a people thing, a quality thing, a fun thing, and a serious thing. It’s about repeat business, new customers, new ideas, and staying constant while staying ahead.

“Our wine list is always evolving, always focused on quality and value, never chasing. We’ve always focused on what’s drinking best. Usually organic, often biodynamic and natural, and sometimes orange but always enjoyable.”

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