Diageo unveils global consumer trends in debut report ‘Distilled’

The report identifies five key trends including the rise of neo-hedonism and growing eco-consciousness providing guidance for navigating consumer landscapes

Collective belonging is the most discussed trend (+41%) and 28.7 million global mentions

Diageo has launched a global report offering insight into consumer trends around the world. The Distilled: A Diageo Foresight Report provides essential reading to brands, regardless of region or industry, wanting to understand current consumer attitudes and how to navigate their future. 

The report identifies five global trends shaping consumer behaviour. Neo-hedonism is on the rise (+39%), with consumers prioritising meaningful experiences over material gifts. Betterment brands reveal a growing eco-consciousness, with a 44% increase in consumers aligning purchases with values. Conscious wellbeing reflects a holistic view of health, with a +40% rise in global discussions about self-love. Expanding reality shows a 94% increase in conversations about AI, VR, and AR, with AI-enabled relationships being the fastest-growing micro-trend. Collective belonging is the most discussed trend (+41%), with 28.7 million global mentions, indicating a desire for unity and inclusive cultures.

‘Distilled’ was created by Diageo’s ‘Foresight System’, a digital tool developed by Diageo and its data and insight partners that monitors and tracks global conversations from web sources and social media platforms. It tracks global discussions in English, Chinese Mandarin, and Spanish across various platforms such as social media, YouTube, television, online forums, and digital media.

Mark Sandys, chief innovation officer, Diageo, said: “To be entrepreneurial in mindset and action, brands mustn’t be afraid to look beyond their own walls. The trends showcased in ‘Distilled’ underline the need for brands to embrace change, reimagine strategies, and stay agile in responding to evolving consumer needs, presenting itself as an essential tool for brands planning future innovation.” 

Giles Hedger, global consumer planning director, Diageo, said: “Socialising is the wider behavioural ‘category’ that drives Total Beverage Alcohol consumption – it’s the fuel that powers the engine. At Diageo, our ambition is to understand socialising better than any company on Earth, and to do so we need to understand the forces that are shaping it. Our Foresight System allows us to detect and track long-term consumer shifts and approach our marketing and innovation with that mindset, and we’re thrilled to be sharing some of these insights.” 

For more information on the report, click here.

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