Buckfast Day campaign launches

Buckfast tonic wine is launching a new ad campaign in Dublin City to celebrate World Buckfast Day on May 12th.



The campaign champions Buckfast’s unique position in the drinks industry with an eye-catching ad that can be seen around Dublin.

The ad features the iconic product in an amusingly absurd occasion – dinner with the boss. The campaign serves as a nod to Buckfast’s cult status in Ireland.

“At Buckfast, we know what we are – and what we aren’t,” said Michael Foley of distributor Richmond Marketing speaking about the campaign, “We’re an acquired taste and proud of it. We know Buckfast isn’t for every occasion but we’re the perfect choice for a night (or day) of truly good craic. We’re looking forward to seeing fans’ reaction to our new campaign.”

Buckfast is a caffeinated fortified wine which dates back to 1897 and is still made to the same recipe devised by the monks at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England.

The new campaign runs across select outdoor sites and in-trade.




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