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BrewDog’s tough love tee-shirts

“It’s OK. But there is a 90% chance you will see someone with a curly moustache. You have been warned,” wrote a presumably unmoustached AndreaH.

“BrewDog bars are Hipster cretin hangouts. I only force myself to go for the vegan burger,” explained the contemplative tweet of Iammonk84.

“Went to a BrewDog Bar. Clearly they spent a lot of money making it look like it barely survived a fire” stated Grapesy29, tartly.

Others expressed the view that “A BrewDog Bar is kinda like if scientology got into crowdfunding & brewing”.

Well the joke’s on them. BrewDog have printed these less than complimentary social media reviews onto tee-shirts for their staff to help them strut their stuff to admiring customers in some of the BrewDog pubs.

The Scottish craft brewery’s Co-Founder James Watt tweeted one of the tee-shirts recently stating, “Some new T-shirts for our staff highlighting some of the more interesting things people say about us :)”.

And not for the first time, either. Back in September 2017 BrewDog carried out a similar PR exercise which utilised similarly sour social comments such as “Garbage, overpriced, full of c^%*s” before closing in a more conciliatory manner with, “Cheese board is alright”.

A selection of ‘mean tweet tee-shirts’ as worn by the BrewDog crew.

A selection of ‘mean tweet tee-shirts’ as worn by the BrewDog crew.



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