Bottled Water sales still increasing in volume

We take a look at the market.


Bottled water remains a fashionable and healthy purchase for consumers.

Bottled water remains a fashionable and healthy purchase for consumers.

With the on-trade sealed hermetically shut for much of the past year, the off-trade remained the main bottled water beneficiary of the Coronavirus Lockdown in Ireland.

But whether one chooses to have it shipped all the way from its origins in an Icelandic glacier, or from the tropical Pacific fresh water streams of Fiji, East of Australia, or from the crags and crevices springing water all over Ireland, bottled water remains a fashionable and healthy purchase for consumers.

Whether it be “vapour distilled spring water with added electrolytes” or simply supplied from a nearby well, when it comes to consumer purchase, on-trade price sensitivity is not foremost among people’s ordering priorities when picking out a water but value-for-money can be in the off-trade.

Nielsen’s Scantrack of multiples, convenience stores and discounters for the 52 weeks ending on the 28th February this year values the bottled water market at €182 million, down 7% on last year.

But Nielsen points out that the value decline is driven by the convenience channel witnessing a value sales decline of 16.6% during this period despite a volume jump of 4.7% to 340 million litres as people moved to purchase larger bottle sizes. Sales of the litre bottles were down 8.5%.


Tipperary Water

 In the last year, Tipperary Water has been listening to customers who’ve been looking for an alternative to single-use plastic and its new eco-friendly carton, available nationwide, is the perfect solution.


88% Plant-based Carton

100% recyclable, the carton can be completely flattened and placed in the recycling bin for kerbside collection. The pack has just 14% fossil plastic – the lowest in the category, with lower carbon emissions than its standard plastic bottle.

Even the cap is derived from sugar cane.

Tipperary Water will educate consumers on the benefits of choosing its eco-friendly carton this Summer through a social campaign and by leveraging its sponsorship with the Football Association of Ireland.


Deep RiverRock

Deep RiverRock leads the way as the brand taking the most active measures to reduce its impact on the environment, with a 31% headway on the next-closest competitor.

This follows the launch of Deep RiverRocks’ 100% Recycled Bottle range, supported in trade with a 360 ‘Made to make a difference’ campaign.

Olympic medallists Gary and Paul O’Donovan, Leinster Rugby stars Jonathan Sexton, Josh Van Der Flier and Rhys Ruddock as well as TV personality Cassie Stokes have all lined-out to support Deep RiverRocks’ 100% recycled bottle campaign, demonstrating how the bottle is made to make a difference.

The TV, Digital, VOD, In-Store and PR campaign highlights the importance of creating a closed loop for packaging.

It encourages everyone to play their part by making small changes, choosing a bottle made from recycled materials and then continuing the recycling journey.


Kilbroney Irish Water

Kilbroney pure water is drawn from a natural source deep within the beautiful Glens of Antrim.

A healthy level of rainfall and the ever-present ground water in the Glens trickles down the volcanic bedrock and natural limestone filtration to reach an ancient aquafer which traverses beneath this historic and mineral-rich landscape.

At the wellhead in Magheramorne, water is drawn from 180 feet beneath the surface. This depth allows the water to maintain a constant year-round temperature and composition, creating the perfect conditions for its pure and natural water.

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