8 in 12 Dundalk off-licences sold alcohol to minor

Two-thirds of Dundalk off-licences visited in a recent sting operation by Gardai are understood to have sold alcohol to a minor.

Only four of the 12 premises visited in the operation appeared to check the 16 year-old youth for ID. The minor allegedly bought alcohol from eight premises successfully under surveillance by plainclothes Gardai.

It’s understood too that files are being prepared for the DPP with the intention of prosecuting the off-licences concerned, some attached to shops, supermarkets and pubs.

Garda authorities intend seeking a meeting with vintner representatives to discuss and deal with the situation and with the summer school holidays approaching, the Gardai will be mounting further operations to curtail the availability of alcohol to young persons in the area by visiting both on- and off-licenses, checking whether alcohol is being consumed by young persons in pubs and lounges.

There has been an ongoing problem in Dundalk with underage drinking and the Gardai’s action follows a spate of young people drinking openly in various parts of the city who’ve had to be moved on by Gardai after  seizing their liquor.
Licensed premises are obliged to ask for ID from any customer who looks under 21 years-of-age.

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