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Who’s been partaaaying in my chair?

Bears are not so different from lager lout humans, you know. A family in Norway returned home to find dozens of empty beer cans strewn around their completely wrecked cabin.

A family of bears, it seems, had broken into the holiday home through a window and downed over 100 cans of lager.

“They’d a hell of a party in there,” commented the cabin-owner Even Borthen Nilsen, “The entire cabin was destroyed. The beds and all the kitchen appliances, stove, oven and cupboards and shelves were all smashed to pieces.

The bears simply burst into the cans of beer with their teeth, he told the local newspaper, “It’s almost like taken out of Goldilock and the three bears!”.

In true partaaaay style, the bears drank all the beer, got hungry for an after-drink snack and proceeded to eat all the food in the kitchen including chocolate, honey and jam.  Then in true lager lout style they went on to smash up the place.
“You can see footprints on the windows,” pointed out Even Borthen Nilsen.

Footprints on the windows?

Those bears sure knew how to party!

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