What can we expect from consumer behaviour coming out of lockdown?

It may sound trite to say that the eating and drinking landscape has changed due to Covid-19. But even with the Government’s postponing the opening of most pubs until the 10th of August “at the earliest”, consumer behaviour was charting a change in direction and setting a new course in pubs and bars long before Covid-19 struck.

The pandemic has merely accelerated the blurring of boundaries between what bars, restaurants and off-licences are offering. So how are businesses to adapt and reinvent themselves? How are they supposed to recreate that “pub experience” in this ‘New Normal’ in which we’re all feeling our way?

Here, to discuss what we can expect from consumer behaviour coming out of lockdown we have Behaviour & Attitude’s Maggie Matthews who ran the weekly qualitative Lockdown Diaries at B&A and who’s been reviewing how consumers feel about returning to a number of different areas. And we’ve also MCCP’s Senior Strategist Michael Rekab who made a presentation at a trends event held recently by MCCP.



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