Ukranian Obolon beer finally arrives in Ireland

The largest domestic Ukrainian beverage producer ‘Obolon’ has partnered with Ireland’s leading independent drinks’ distributor Barry & Fitzwilliam


Obolon was the first privatized brewery in a post-soviet Ukraine

Obolon was the first privatized brewery in a post-soviet Ukraine

Barry & Fitzwilliam has announced that the first consignment of Obolon beer has now landed in Ireland. Obolon is the largest beverage producer in Ukraine manufacturing beer, soft drinks, low-alcohol beverages and drinking water.

Obolon went down in history when it became the first private company in independent Ukraine. The construction of the plant was aimed at providing the country with high-quality beer that would meet world standards. Today the brewery is one of the largest in Europe and the largest domestic beverage company in Ukraine.

The war forced the company to pivot and despite the extremely difficult working conditions, Obolon tries to support its employees by providing them with jobs and salaries, as well as supporting the military.

Obolon corporate enterprises has already provided more than 3 million litres of water free of charge. Additional funds are needed to be able to continue to provide this assistance. With this aim Obolon is launching a project that will allow people around the world to support Obolon in its mission. To provide an additional 4 million litres of water, Obolon aims to raise 1 million dollars by auctioning off the last bottle of Obolon beer brewed in a peaceful Ukraine. The ‘Last Obolon’ will be auctioned at Christie’s in NYC with bidding starting at $1 million.

Barry & Fitzwilliam will be donating to Obolon’s noble mission for every bottle sold in Ireland. Managing director Michael Barry has said, “We are very proud to be associated with this venture and we look forward to a successful long-term relationship with Obolon. We are delighted to be able to help the Ukrainian community indirectly.”


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