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They don’t call it the ‘Vat’ican for nothing!

The Vatican holds the world's highest per capita wine consumption figure.

Yes, that’s right.

Some 150 billion glasses of vino are poured per year around the globe of which two-thirds is currently grown in Europe according to the Organisation international de la Vigne et du Vin (although it should be noted that China is now enjoying a dynamic growth in its area under vine). This intergovernmental scientific and technical organisation examines vines, wines, grapes, raisins and other vine-based products.

Around St Peter’s Square in Rome enjoys the world’s most wine consumption per capita, claims the Californian Wine Institute which points out that the Vatican is the nation with the highest per capita wine consumption in the world: 54,260 litres per person per year.

That’s a lot of masses.

So the next time you’re sitting down to plan the annual pub quiz, there’s a question they won’t have thought of.

All this preamble is by way of highlighting last June’s  Must-Fermenting Ideas conference where every facet of the wine industry was discussed and analysed by experts. It took place from 7th–9th June in Cascais, only 15 minutes from the airport in Lisbon, Portugal and offered “an unmatched opportunity” for those who work with wine.

The charming coastal town provided an idyllic and picturesque setting for this summit meeting.

And no, we were not there for it….


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