Snack Foods – offer an on-trade treat

Nearly everyone enjoys an on-trade treat when they visit your premises, so ensure that you’re well-stocked with nuts, crisps and nibbles.

The pub snack market has come a long way from the “Pint of lager and a packet of crisps, please” over-the-counter order image of the 80s.

Today’s pubs now offer a wide variety of snacks and nibbles to accompany customers’ drinks. These can range from Beef Jerky to Bombay Mix and everything in between.

But the traditional nuts, crisps and snacks market continues to grow. Nielsen puts the total value of the crisps, snacks and nuts market at €355 million MAT to March/April this year, up 1.5%.

But elsewhere, Kantar Worldpanel suggests that between 2015 and 2016 the Crisps, Snacks and Nuts market grew by 10% in value to €197.97 million in the 52 weeks to 24th April 2016, while volumes increased 10.3% to 107.7 million packets.

In the 52 weeks to 23rd April this year, Kantar Worldpanel reports that the Crisps, Snacks and Nuts market grew value again, this time by 0.8% to €199.56 million through sales of 110.5 million packs, up 2.6%.

So between 2015 and 2017 Kantar Worldpanel reckons that the snackfoods market grew by 10.9% in value and by 13.1% in volume.

Within this, the crisps market grew 8.4% in value over the two-year period, from €73.4 million to €79.6 million. During this time the Crisps market showed growth of 7.8% in volume going from 35.8 million packets to 38.6 million packets.

But during this two-year timeframe, the market for nuts grew by a considerable 18.2% or from €17.1 million (in the year to 26th April 2015) to €20.2 million in the year to 23rd April 2017 through sales of 12.53 million packets, up from 10.1 million packets two years previously.

As these figures show, there will always be strong demand for the pub snack staples: crisps and peanuts – and publicans should get onboard a rising tide.



KP nuts

KP remains Ireland’s largest nuts brand and the category leader with a market share of 10.6%, according to Nielsen Marketrack Value Sales MAT to March/April 2017 in a category that’s grown by over 2.4% versus last year.

KP has recognised that consumers are increasingly looking for protein-filled snacks that help provide a steady source of energy throughout the day. Its peanuts are 26% protein and a couple of handfuls (25g) provides 7g of protein.

Nowadays consumers are always on the move and want a handy, nutritious snack that can be consumed ‘on the go’.

Utilising the strength of the KP brand along with new and on-trend flavour combinations, KP Nuts has developed a strong range of ‘on the go’ nuts.

Its new On the Go range has launched in four flavours: Fruit and Nut and Orange Nut Fudge Energy mixes (40g) and Dry Roasted and Original Salted (50g).

Its ‘Go Nuts with KP’ campaign runs on radio all this month.

Ireland’s best one-liner jokes will be collected from the streets and aired on radio. On-street sampling of KP’s new range will also take place in key city locations nationwide. So make sure to keep an eye on the @KPNutsIreland facebook page for some Nutty action.



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