Restaurant alcohol sales increasing

Food is becoming more and more popular in pubs but at the same time the restaurant sector is taking up an increasing proportion of drinks sales, from 25% to 30%.

This became clear from a recent report by economist Jim Power commissioned by the Restaurants Association of Ireland.

The RAI report, 9% VAT – Food, Tourism & Jobs, utilised CSO data to show the beneficial effect the 9% VAT rate has had on the hospitality industry since it was introduced in July 2011.

“If a pub did food, that was included in the CSO data,” RAI Chief Executive Adrian Cummins told Drinks Industry Ireland, “Our understanding is that the 75/25 alcohol to food split in pubs is now moving to 65/35 alcohol to food split.”

He added, “Also, what we’ve seen is that the restaurant sector has moved into the alcohol trade with 25/75 alcohol to food split. This is moving 30/70 over the past number of years.”




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