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Pubs & nightclubs – the setting for 4 in 5 chat-up lines

Strike a light! While parks and concert venues can often prove an ideal environment for your customers to test out their best chat-up lines, the surroundings of the local pub or nightclub remain the most popular setting for pushing one-liners to the limit.


A survey from Bic pocket lighters here found 86% of respondents indicating that they’re most likely to use a chat-up line in a pub or nightclub.

That’s despite a growing culture of online dating and an explosion in social media hook-up apps,

Bic’s countrywide search examined the changing habits of 235 Irish socialisers as part of its ‘Sparking Conversations’ campaign to find that while 61% of them have used a chat-up line to break the ice with a stranger, 75% of them still favour the old-fashioned chat-up line when looking for romance.

The research also revealed that with offering someone a light is regarded as the best way of sparking conversations with a massive 88% of footloose philanderers favouring this ice-breaker when looking to sweep a desirable stranger off her feet. A further 89% admit to keeping a lighter handy purely to get the ball rolling when out socialising.

While the deciding factor is something that differs for everyone, the design of a person’s lighter can often sway their opinion when approached by an admirer, states Bic.

90% of those surveyed indicated that they’ll take notice of the design of a person’s lighter when offered a light and 70% admitted to thinking the design of a lighter says something about its owner.


Ireland’s favourite and least-favourite chat-up lines

When asked what their favourite chat-up line to use was, 30% highlighted the old reliable “Do you need a light?” while 45% felt “Are you well? ‘Cause you’re looking well!” was the worst line in the book!


Ireland’s Top 5 Chat-up Lines

Just what are the nation’s preferred one-liners when it comes to sparking a conversation?

According to Bic, these chat-up lines ranked highest:


  1.     “Do you need a light?”

Simple but effective, this one-liner garnered the most support as the ‘go-to’ when romancing a stranger.


  1.     “How you doin’?”

This Joey Tribbiani-inspired pick-up line might be on the cheesy side of Cheddar but it may get your customers some laughs on a night out.


  1.     “Does this top feel like boyfriend material to you?”

This inventive pick-up certainly straddles the boundaries of cheesiness, but if delivered with confidence, it’s sure to grab a giggle.


  1.     “Here’s a quid. Call your Mum and tell her you’ve pulled!”

If speechless is what your customers are after, this may do the trick. But we’re not convinced it’ll be the kind of speechless they’re looking for!


  1.        “What’s it like being beautiful?”

No beating around the bush with this one. Straight-up, yet sweet, but does it do the trick?

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