Pubs adopt ‘Angela’

The LVA and VFI have urged members to adopt the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign for social safety in their pubs in Dublin and around the country.

The idea behind the campaign is that any pub customer on a date or a night out who’s feeling unsafe or threatened can approach a member of staff and ask for ‘Angela’. They’ll then be discretely brought to a place of safety or offered a taxi home.

The VFI and LVA, in partnership with An Garda Síochána, has taken onboard the campaign which aims to stop sexual harassment and unwanted attention and both organisations are now encouraging all publicans to support the campaign.

Ask for Angela posters have already appeared in pubs in Dublin, Waterford and Cork in gearing up to send the campaign on a national footing.

A poster outlining the campaign’s message is available to increase awareness amongst the public and can be downloaded by publicans and printed for display in their pubs.

For LVA members the toolkit has been made available on the members’ hub so that they can implement this in their premises to help create a safe environment and peace of mind for the customer.

Pub staff should be aware of the initiative too and a second poster outlining what staff should do if approached for help is also available.




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