Pubs 4th in UK house-hunters’ wishlist

Pubs came fourth in a list of necessities that had to be within walking distance of those looking for a new home in the UK.

A YouGov online survey of over 2,000 adults recently commissioned by TheHouseShop.com, the property marketplace, found ‘Pub’ scoring a 23% rating among respondents when asked which services would need to be within walking distance of their new home. ‘Supermarkets’ came top at 49% above ‘Post Office’ at 26% and ‘Train/Underground Station’ at 25%. Some way down this list, ‘off-licence’ registered a 10% score. And some 25% of respondents stated that they’d not need anything in particular within walking distance of their property.

The results revealed that by-and-large, despite the rise of online alternatives, home-hunters still demand physical essentials within walking distance of their new home.

When it comes to the gender divide, women were more likely to require a post office (30% of women vs 22% of men) and a supermarket (53% of women vs 45% of men) while men were more likely to demand a local pub (27% of men vs 19% of women) within walking distance.

The survey also compared Millennials’ priorities with those of Baby-boomers and showed the changing lifestyles and priorities of younger Millennials compared to their Baby-boomer parents.

For Millennials, ‘Pub’ scored a third placing on 25%, below ‘Supermarket’ on 55% and ‘Train/Underground Station’ (38%). But for Baby-boomers, ‘Pub’ was down in fifth place on 22% below ‘Supermarket’ (54%), ‘Post Office’ (36%) and even ‘Nothing in Particular’ on 26%.

Nick Marr, Co-founder of TheHouseShop.com, found it interesting to note the different demands of Millennials versus their Baby-boomer parents, pointing out that younger home-hunters place far more importance on local transport links and pubs.




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