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Probably the best shampoo

We suppose it had to happen...

A new range of men’s grooming products has been launched by….. Carlsberg.

The limited-edition range features shampoo and conditioner as well as body lotion and it’s “probably the best men’s grooming in the world”.

Needless to say, the essence of the range results from a great deal of research, not least by a company called Epinion which found that 67% of drinkers in the UK polled by the company would buy grooming products made from beer.

Created in a marriage between Carlsberg and a Copenhagen-based cosmetics producer called Urtegaarden, half a litre of finest Carlsberg is freeze-dried into a powder.

This is then mixed with a number of organic ingredients believed to be good for hair and skin.

“You have proteins, you have fibres, you have vitamins,” glows Zoran Gojkovic, Director of Research Strategy at Carlsberg, of the coupling, “Yeast, for example, is a big source of vitamin B. When you put that in the shampoo or whatever beauty series, it’s actually very good compounds for your skin.”

So those smelling of last night’s beer might be ahead of the game here….

Carlsberg grooming products. Just beer yourself.

Carlsberg grooming products. Just beer yourself.




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