Pornstar martini takes the lead as Ireland’s favourite cocktail

Musgrave MarketPlace's research reveals that 49% of respondents express a preference for vodka as opposed to gin and whiskey

Two-thirds of respondents are willing to pay more for premium cocktails

The Pornstar Martini has been confirmed as the nation’s favourite cocktail, according to research commissioned by Musgrave MarketPlace. The study indicates a resurgence of vodka’s popularity, with 49% favouring vodka-based cocktails rather than gin or whiskey. Christmas emerges as the prime time for cocktails, with 75% planning to indulge during the festive season.

Bar menus inspire most cocktail choices, but 31% of 18-34-year-olds turn to TikTok or Instagram for trending options. St. Germaine Spritz gained popularity through social media, evident in a 70% increase in sales for Musgrave MarketPlace in 2023.

Two-thirds are willing to pay more for premium cocktails, viewing them as treats (57%) or reserved for special occasions (65%). A quarter would only order premium cocktails if someone else foots the bill. Younger generations prioritise cost, with more than a fifth considering price in their cocktail decisions.

Sweet cocktails like espresso martini and strawberry daiquiri are preferred by 63% of Irish drinkers, followed by spicy flavours like spicy margaritas. Despite the preference for sweet drinks, more than 62% of respondents have just one or two cocktails before switching to another beverage. Tequila is popular among 18–24-year-olds, with 33% choosing the Mexican spirit, often in shot format with salt and lemon.

Ken Allan, head of beverage, Musgrave MarketPlace, said: “We’re seeing huge demand for the classic spirits that are making their way into cocktail menus across the country. Premium vodka especially is seeing a massive boost, up 122% in 2023 and tequila has outperformed itself, with a 65% increase in sales.

“The findings show that bar menus are still so important in offering inspiration to customers and possibly introducing them to new and novel cocktails and ingredients that they will then embrace as ‘their’ drink of choice. We work closely with our customers to continually explore the upcoming trends and popular flavours to keep menus fresh and continue to inspire and delight patrons.”

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