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Pawternity leave

Craft beer company BrewDog now offers ‘Puppy Parental Leave’ for all BrewDog’s UK and US ‘crews’.

The ‘punk’ brewery is the first in the UK and the US to give its employees a week off when they get a new puppy.

There doesn’t seem to be any problem in staff bringing in their pets to work either. Very enlightened – brings a whole new meaning to the term “hair of the dog”.

Its Aberdeenshire HQ has no less than 50 ‘office dogs’.

They must be barking mad.

Or maybe that’s their secret to success.

In the brewery’s own words, “BrewDog was started by two men and one dog in 2007 and we now employ nearly 1,000 people around the world”.

The company has just launched a new brewery in Ohio in the US and so we guess the Ohio employees’ BrewDogs will be just as welcome at work there toowooo!



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