Open Gate Brewery’s ‘Pure Brew’

Diageo Ireland has launched ‘Open Gate Pure Brew’ non-alcoholic lager from the Guinness Open Gate Brewery to 250 Dublin pubs initially

Publicans are not the only species suffering from ‘dry January’. Brewers don’t find the first month of the year to be their favourite month either.

But Diageo Ireland has come up with a new product that should please everyone. It has launched a new “full flavoured” non-alcoholic lager in ‘Open Gate Pure Brew’ with an ABV of 0.5%.

“It’s hoppy with lots of fruity aromas and a nice hint of citrus flavour along with a smooth, malty finish,” said Lead Brewer John Casey, “The overall taste is deliciously refreshing.”

And in independent blind taste tests conducted amongst 130 lager drinkers aged between 25 and 40 by MMR research in December 2017 over seven in 10 people were surprised to learn that ‘Open Gate Pure Brew’ – which makes use of a special yeast strain – was a non-alcoholic beer.

“Whether you’re seeking alcohol or not, we think great-tasting beer is the goal,” continued John Casey, “Many non-alcoholic beers are made by taking a conventional beer and boiling away the alcohol which can impact the taste. From the start we were determined to brew a non-alcoholic beer with the same process we’ve perfected over the last 259 years. It has taken two years of experimentation but we’ve come up with a way to fully brew beer using a special yeast strain that only produces a very limited amount of alcohol.”

Diageo’s Global Head of Beer Mark Sandys added, “With Pure Brew, our brewers have developed a great-tasting, fully-brewed and fully-fermented non-alcoholic lager that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our other great beers”.

It’s available in 330ml bottles and is being rolled out to 250 pubs initially in Dublin with national distribution from March.

See www.guinnessopengate.com for a list of pubs serving ‘Open Gate Pure Brew’.



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