Off-trade beer prices fall 3.6%

The cost of alcoholic beverages in the off-trade rose 0.7% last month compared to that of March 2020 while it rose by just 0.1% over the figure for the previous month, February, according to the Consumer Price Index from the Central Statistics Office.
Off-trade beer prices were down annually by 3.6% last month.

Off-trade beer prices were down annually by 3.6% last month.

The annual increase comprised a rise of 2.7% in wine prices, 1.6% in spirits prices and a fall of 3.6% in beer prices.

According to the CSO, “Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco increased due to a rise in the cost of tobacco products and higher prices for wine and spirits sold in supermarkets and off-licences”.


Restaurants & Hotels

Prices within licensed premises generally rose by 2.6% last month when compared to March 2020. This comprised an increase of 3.0% in on-trade beer prices, a 2.8% increase in spirits prices, a 2.5% increase in soft drinks and mineral water prices and a 1.6% increase in the price for wine.

“Restaurants & Hotels rose mainly due to higher prices for alcoholic drinks and food consumed in licensed premises, restaurants, cafes etc,” states the CSO, “This increase was partially offset by lower prices for hotel accommodation”.



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