Minister signs in 23 Sections of Alcohol Bill

From 12th November next year alcohol advertising in or on public service vehicles, at public transport stops or stations and within 200 metres of a school, a crèche or a local authority playground will be prohibited.

The supporting legislation is contained in one of 23 sections of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill that has now been signed into law by the Minister for Health Simon Harris.

The legislation, which was passed overwhelmingly by the Oireachtas last month, legislates for alcohol as a public health priority and among the 23 Sections now signed into action are those prohibiting alcohol advertising in a cinema except around films with an 18 classification or in a licensed premises in a cinema.

The Minister has also signed a commencement order that prohibits
children’s clothing from promoting alcohol.

Other parts of the Bill signed into action ensure that from 12th November 2020 in areas in mixed retail outlets selling or advertising alcohol products are confined to one of the following: an area separated by a 1.2 metre high barrier or units in which alcohol products are not visible up to 1.5 metres height or in up to three units that can be a maximum of 1 metre wide by 2.2 metres high.
In addition alcohol products can be contained but not be visible in a unit behind the counter.

From 12th November 2021 there will be a prohibition on alcohol advertising in sports areas during a sporting event, at events aimed at children or at events in which the majority of participants or competitors are children.
Alcohol sponsorship of events aimed at children will also be prohibited as will events at which the majority of participants or competitors are children and at events involving driving or racing motor vehicles.

Describing the Bill as a “groundbreaking measure”, the Minister commented, “We know that we have a relationship with alcohol in this country that is not good, damages our health, harms our communities and harms many families. The measures in this Bill will make a real difference to changing the culture of drinking in Ireland over a period of time.”

Minimum Unit Pricing, which is a key component of the Bill, requires a separate Government decision while the introduction of health warnings on labels etc will have to be notified at EU level before its commencement. A three-year lead-in period will follow its commencement.



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